At the age of 14 I started to explore photography. My first camera, a Ricoh KR-10x with merely two lenses was often at my side and had to endure quite a lot. When the I.B. Lester B. Pearson College offered me the opportunity to utilize digital photo retouching (Adobe Photoshop 2.0.1) and photography for my artwork, I knew I had found my means and media. To me the computer, primarily photoshop is, what to others might be a brush. As a spin-off from learning digital imaging at such an early stage of development, I had to get to know those back then even more annoying computers. Based on these experiences the maintenance and of hard- and software became a field in which I acquired quite a bit of expertise in the course of the last 10 years. Toady I make most of my money from selling and fixing computers. My biggest passion, photography and digital transformations found further fields of activity due to my reading architecture. Apart from art I tend to work in pre-press production and layout, mostly on high-end graphic-workstations which I built myself. >>>

My technical equipment includes two AMD based workstations (64x2 3800+ und Athlon XP 3200+) with 2GB and 1GB of RAM respectively. Those two computers boast a total of aprox. 1,2TB in harddrive space, two large 21" Eizo (F930) monitors on Matrox cards, a high-res DIN A3 scanner by Umax (Mirage II) and a super-high-res slide acanner by Minolta (Dimage Scan Multi Pro).
Completing the set are analog and digital SLR cameras (Pentax Z-1p and ist*D) and numerous lenses...
I do hope you enjoy my work, the abstract artwork as well as the photography and last but not least the homepage I designed.
I'd be happy to receive your feedback!

On the next pages you'll find my up to date curriculum vitae. >>>

curriculum vitae

  • 1975

born on 20th January 1975 in
Siegen, Germany

  • 1992

scholarship by the "Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes" to visit an United World College (UWC)

  • 1994

I.B. graduation at the Lester B. Pearson College, Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada

  • 1995

Social Service at a School for the Mentally Challangend, Siegen, Germany

  • 1996

started reading architecture at the TU Darmstadt

  • 2006

architecture diploma

  • 1994

art show featuring 75 digital und analog photos, LBPC, Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada

  • 1997

brochure for the freshmen entering the department of architecture (editor, graphic design, layout and production)

  • 1998

brochure accompanying an excursion to Spain (editor, graphic design, layout and production)

  • 2000

group art show: "Journey(s) into the Heart", Bad Oeynhausen, Germany (06/18/2000 - 11/05/2000) with special c-print works, Herzbilder (Images of the Heart)

  • 2001

art show "6 + 7. - nflex" featuring "Images of the Heart" and "New Portraits", Darmstadt, Germany (08/31/2001 - 09/30/2001)

  • 2002

group-art show: "Art of Steel: Golden Lions", Siegen, Germany (04/26/2002 - 06/02/2002) with photos portraying works by Serra, Plessi and the Pickhan Family

  • 2002

art show with photos portraying pieces by Serra, Plessi and the Pickhan Family at the Kunstkabinett Hespert, Germany (06/05/2002 - 07/19/2002)

  • 2003

project "Fuchsrohr 1": Installation in the Fuchsrohr foyer, Röhrenwerk Gebr. Fuchs GmbH, Siegen, Germany

  • 2003

project "Ballonwelten" (The Worlds of Hot Air Ballooning): photos for the calendar, layout and pre press production

  • 2003

art show at the Department of Architecture, TU Darmstadt, Germany: Duisburg Nord, NachtLicht (NightLight)

  • 2004

art show at the Kutscherhaus, Kreuztal, Germany: Duisburg Nord, NightLight (NightLight)

  • 2004

project "Fuchsrohr 2": Installation in the Fuchsrohr foyer, Röhrenwerk Gebr. Fuchs GmbH, Siegen, Germany